Kriti Feng Shui 3 Legged Bird and 3 Suns Amulet Keychain (Inclusive of all taxes)

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manifest as a humble duck a proud peacock and at its cosmic level, the fiery phoenix. 
The duck brings marriage luck, the peacock brings recognition and the phoenix brings power. 
The Bird with 3 legs signifies the spirit of all three bird manifestations and thus its presence brings harmonious love, recognition with a good name, as well as power and success. 
And of course we all know that the Sun is the source of all life, without which nothing can grow, and no human can survive. 
Every culture, tradition and tribe reveres and respects the sun. 
Given the potency of these symbols, be sure to display or carry the 3 Legged Bird and 3 Suns Amulet in your home or place of work, especially in sectors afflicted by the Quarrelsome #3 Flying Star. 
It will not only ensure that your home is fully protected from serious conflicts and misfortune, but will also generate blessings of love, harmony, good fortune and success. Additionally, the all metal make of this item doubles it as a formidable metal cure to weaken the malignant stars #2 Illness Star and vicious #5 Yellow Star. 
Disclaimer: This Fengshui Product is Believed to bring about all the good things. 
We do not guarantee its success and are not responsible for any claim.   
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