Kriti Feng Shui Four Heavenly Kings (Inclusive of all taxes)

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Display them in the living room to provide your family with the attitude, vitality and positivity to achieve their goals. 
Invite the Four Heavenly Kings to your home. 
They are powerful protectors against falling victim to physical calamities such as earthquakes, fires, floods, epidemics, hurricanes and other such disasters. 
These four Heavenly Kings also bring blessings and good fortune. 
On Mount Sumeru a mountain located close to the realm of humans, there are six levels of the Six Desirous Heavens. 
On the first level reside the Four Great Heavenly Kings where each of them lives on the four separate directions of the mountain. 
The Dharma equipment they carry is utilized to ward off evil spirits and dangerous demons. 
All of the Heavenly Kings have sworn an oath in front of the Buddha Shakyamuni, promising to protect mankind. 
Each of the kings is a representation of the four celestial attributes Rain, Harmony. 
Wind and Prosperity and has their own symbolism “Rain” is the umbrella which overpowers all evils. 
“Harmony” is the calming stringed instrument which assists the human world. 
“Wind” is the mighty sword’s blade used to defend and protect and “Prosperity” is the potent dragon, who protects mankind using its divine vision. 
The Four Heavenly Kings are: Mo Li Shou – This highly respected Heavenly King, also known as “Kuvera” or “God of Wealth” resides in the North and is recognized as a defender of peace and as a bringer of wealth. 
He himself is laden with riches, due to the strict vigor with which he lives. 
When depicted through figurines or paintings, he is seen with the mythical umbrella which, during confrontations with evils, will cause natural disasters. 
Mo Li Ching – This king resides in the East and is also known as “Guardian of the Nation”, “Dhritirastra” in Sanskrit. 
He rules over divine musicians, those who feed on scents and the Gandharvas. 
He overcomes the obstacles of evils and demons with his string musical instrument, which he can always be seen carrying. 
Mo Li Hung – This king redies in the South and is the protector against demons. 
He rules the Kumbhandas, demons who constantly suck out mankind’s liveliness. 
In statues or painting, this king is sometimes shown stamping a Kumbhanda, with a powerful sword in his hand. 
Mo Li Hai – This ruler of the Nagas, known in English as “Serpents” resides in the West and takes on a very fierce and forboding stance. 
With his prominent staring eyes, he is known as the “Three Eyed” or “Wide Eyed”. 
This king is a manifestation of the belief to be cautious and aware of evil – he also keeps a powerful serpent. 
The Four Heavenly Kings can be displayed in various areas: 
1. In your living room, display the Four Heavenly Kings each in their own corner. 
Doing so will provide your family with the attitude, vitality and positivity to achieve their goals. 
2. In your main hall, place the Four Heavenly Kings facing the front door – this will serve to prevent any evil influences, killing breath and negativities from entering you home. 
3. If you have a painting or statue of Buddha in your home, display the Four Heavenly Kings either around him or in front of him, this will enhance their collective power to protect you even further. 
4. If you have any valuables within your home, keep them behind the Four Heavenly Kings to guard them from outside reach. 
5. If your home is in the path of the killing energy of places such as cemeteries or hospitals, display the Four Heavenly Kings in the direction from where the dangers are coming, and they will defend your home. 
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