Ceramic Aroma Diffuser


Add elegance and tranquility to your space with Kriti Life Ceramic Burners. Handcrafted from high-quality ceramic, these beautiful and durable burners are a unique addition to any decor.

  • Aromatherapy: Promotes relaxation and reduces stress.
  • Air Purification: Removes unpleasant odors and freshens the air.
  • Decorative Element: Enhances room decor with its attractive design.
  • Spiritual Aid: Creates a calming atmosphere for meditation and prayer.
  • Mood Enhancement: Uplifts mood and improves mental clarity.

Dimension:- 7.5L X 7.5W X 9.5H Cm

Weight:- 265 Grams

Material:- Ceramic

Colour:- Green


Ceramic Aroma Diffuser