Maa Ashta Laxmi | Wooden Brass Idol


Idols or images of Lord Ashta Lakshmi are commonly made from various materials, including wood and brass. These idols are often used in homes and temples for worship and as a symbol of prosperity. Wooden and brass idols are particularly popular due to their aesthetic appeal and durability.

When selecting or purchasing a wooden brass idol of Lord Ashta Lakshmi, it’s essential to ensure that the craftsmanship is of high quality to honor the goddess properly. The choice of material and design may vary based on personal preference and the intended use, whether for personal devotion, decoration, or religious rituals.

These idols are typically available in various sizes and designs, allowing individuals to choose the one that best fits their needs and preferences. They are often adorned with intricate detailing and decorations to make them more visually appealing and spiritually significant.

When using such an idol for worship, it’s essential to follow traditional practices and rituals as per your faith and beliefs. Worshiping Lord Ashta Lakshmi is believed to bring blessings of prosperity, abundance, and overall well-being to devotees.

Item may vary slightly from the picture shown above, the colour or shape might be slightly different

Maa Ashta Laxmi | Wooden Brass Idol